Apr 12, 2012

What I Bought: Old Navy

Now, before you say anything, I know. Old Navy. I sometimes even get embarrassed to look on-line. After their latest chambray top that I feel in love with, I gave them a second chance. Enter the items below. I found these on-line recently and could not be happier with my purchase. I decided to wear my first purchase yesterday, a Milly inspired sailboat top. After work, I was walking home, looking on instagram, when who do I see wearing the same top as me? Blair of Atlantic Pacific. If you read my blog you will know, she's one of my fashion icons. All of the items below I purchased for slightly over thirty dollars. You really can't beat that! Check it out for yourself.

Sailboat Blouse

Spotted on Instagram

Multi-Striped Tee

Neon Striped Tee
(Note: I got this in a pink neon instead but it's sold out)

Have you seen any cute items or made any recent purchases at Old Navy?



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  1. Is that sailboat blouse from Old Navy?! Oh my goodness so cute!!! Love everything you bought.


  2. I LOVEEE the neon striped shirt! I have one very similar that I got from forever 21... I'm a huge fan of neon, as you are well aware of

    Love this post!