Mar 31, 2012

Colored Denim

Last year colored denim started to appear on the runway and in stores. While this trend was initially deemed solely for the slim, now it is encouraged to be worn by all shapes and sizes. I was shy to the trend at first, but I think this season I will buy my first colored denim. If you read my blog, you will know I encourage to go less expensive when starting to embrace a trend. That way you are seeing how comfortable you are with it, what works with your body, and overall not making too big of an investment. There are high end colored denim of course, but you can find these pants in almost any store it seems now. Here are various price points and choices for colored denim. I can't wait to buy my first pair!

Found at Target: Click here to purchase

Found at Gap: Click here to purchase

Both these items can be found at J.Crew. Click here for the first and here for the second pair.

Do you own colored denim? If so what brand and color?


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Mar 29, 2012

What I Bought: Asos

For those of you who haven't heard of ASOS before, it is a great on-line website that has trendy fashion for lower prices (and free shipping!). What I personally love about this site, is when you find something you like, you can actually watch a model walk the runway with it to see how the dress will move. Time and time again, I have seen items I love on this website but have never actually purchased anything. I finally took the plunge when they had a 20% off sale the other day. All items below combined came in around $100 - which for all that, is a great deal. Here are the items I purchased at Asos.
ASOS Pack of Three Enamel Zig Zag Rings

ASOS Striped Knitted Dress

ASOS 'L' Mini Initial Adjustable Ring

 ASOS Blouse With Pintuck And Drop Collar

 Have you ever purchased items at Asos? If so, let me know how your experience was and/or what items you purchased!


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Mar 28, 2012


A few weeks ago, I wrote a post of weekend bags. I had my mind set that I was going to buy the pottery barn one found here. Today, when I was reading through my favorite blogs Damsel in Dior, I found a bag I loved more than the initial bag I had posted. Thus the question remains, should I stickwith the pottery barn bag I had initially posted, or should I go with the new bag?



What are your thoughts? Should I go with this or that? Let me know in the comments section below!

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Workday Wednesday: Best Work Flats

I am a flat shoe lover through and through. Maybe this is because I am 5'9" and I like to not be much taller than anyone I am with, or maybe it's because of the comfort. Either way, 90% of my working shoes are flats and I'm perfectly fine with that. I have a slight obsession with Tory Burch, and day dreams of Salvatore Ferragamo, but I digress. Looking for that perfect work flat? Look no further! Below you will find options in many price points to give you that polished, professional look while still maintaining the comfort (and for the tall: your height).
Hey a girl can dream, can't she?

Salvatore Ferragamo
Love these. Want these.

Tory Burch Reva Flat
I have far too many pairs of Tory Burch flats, but one I do not have is this black with the classic gold. Purchase to come.

Jessica Simpson
This pair goes for under $70 and will go with almost anything.

What is your favorite work flat? Leave comments below and let me know!


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Mar 27, 2012

I'm Currently Obsessed with...

Currently Obsessed. For those of you who have not heard of this website, it's every on-line shopper and blog stalkers dream. (Yes there is a "stalk me" icon for bloggers who's fashion you love). All you have to do is sign up, and from there you can follow the bloggers who you adore. What this site does is takes items that are in stores and on-line now that people are looking at and brings them a click away. You know we ALL do it, that shirt that you love and you keep returning to on-line (maybe keep in your on-line shopping basket for a week or two). Well here is the place where you can keep track of all the items you are "stalking" and get more ideas for items you would like to stalk, or maybe even buy.

Become a member here:

I have submitted my blogging request to become a blogger who you all can stalk, so fingers crossed, if that happens I will let you guys know! In the meantime, there are a ton of great blogs on their now so I encourage you to look. Happy stalking!


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Mar 26, 2012

Contact Me

I love hearing from you guys! If you have any questions, comments or are interested in working together feel free to reach out to me! If you are interested in more details about my blog or want to stay on top of updates, click on any of the below to get started.

Twitter: RealisticallyL

Facebook: Realistically Lovely

Instagram: Realistically Lovely

Bloglovin: Realistically Lovely


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Products I Love: Laura Mercier

Lets be honest, when you look at yourself first thing in the morning, are you thinking - wow I look really great right now? Chances are, probably not. Most of us do not have perfectly even skin tone. This is where Laura Mercier comes in. Being in my twenties, I am not compelled to use foundation yet. Laura Mercier has a tinted moisturizer that is the perfect combination of a moisturizer and a coverage without being too much make-up. I have been using this product for the past year and it is amazing. I throw this on in the morning before anything else to give my skin a blank canvas. I personally use "Warm Radiance" in the Illuminating type. I enjoy the highlight to the skin with the coverage. For anyone looking for that light make-up that gives you a fresh, awake, and lively look for your day, look no further.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

Bonus: This product also has a SPF 20 which is perfect to keep skin healthy all year long!

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Mar 23, 2012

Lovely Loafers

Loafers, slippers, you could really call them whatever you want. These shoes come in all patterns, colors and even price points. I first saw these shoes on the feet of strangers walking down the streets of Manhattan in outfits that caught my eye. Soon I saw loafers not just in classic black, but in leopard! I am loving the leopard loafers. It takes something that could be purely preppy and puts an edge on it. Here are some loafers from high to low in price. Personally, I like the least expensive ones the best right now and I'm not mad at that.

Stubbs and Wootton
If you can afford it, Stubbs and Wootton with their expensive price tag, will stand through the test of time. They are an investment, but a good one that will last years. 

Eliza B
Can I get these monogrammed please? I love these. 
Steve Madden
This Steve Madden version comes in all colors and is a classic.

Kohls: Candies
I don't know how I feel about the fact that I am posting about Kohl's and/or Candie's anymore than you feel about reading it. These are only $20 and honestly, I like them just as much as I do the other pairs. This is the perfect way to break in the trend.

What's your favorite loafer brand of what you own or what you are lusting over?



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Mar 22, 2012

What I Bought: Zara

Happy Thursday! Now not to go all nerdy on you, but I was reading an article the other day on retail companies and the company who owns Zara, Inditex, reported enormous profit growth. Bringing it back to the fashion side of things, basically this means Zara as a company is doing well, real well. As a consumer I have noticed this tenfold. I used to go into Zara once a month and see the occasional clothing item I liked. Recently, every time I go I see numerous items I like and I have to hold myself back. And by hold myself back, I mean not buying that blouse I loved for a week or so, and then caving. I have bought a lot of things at Zara lately and here are some of my purchases that proved already to be wise investments, by clothing standards.

Chanel inspired blazer that puts any outfit together. I wore this to work with a dress, then after work, threw on some skinny jeans and a white t-shirt for a more casual evening look. 

I got this in white with black polka dot. I am all about the blouse that looks cute for work and can transition with some jeans and flats. 

Zara Cropped Work Pants

Obviously I enjoy these as you know from my recent post. These were both recent purchases with the double cloth trousers bought in black and navy. 

What are recent items you have purchased? Are there any specific item you purchased from Zara?


Realistically Lovely
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Mar 21, 2012

Workday Wednesday: Cropped Work Pants

I could go on for days about cropped work pants. And for those of you not in the corporate world, these pants are still a way to look put together instantly. When I first started working right out of college about two years ago, I had bought some of the J.Crew Minnie pants, but I wasn't completely sold on this trend yet. I had just started to embrace the leggings and skinny jeans. It was too soon for the crops. I started to pair these Minnie pants with boots so they felt like any old pair of leggings, just better material and slightly more formal if you will. After a year or so of doing this, I finally paired them with flats. I know, shocking.

Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE these, just more for play and less for work day.

Fast forward to six months ago, I was with my mom shopping at home and I finally bought my first official work, appropriately fitting, cropped pants. I was sold. Since that time, it has been colder out so the need for these cropped pants has not come up... until recently, when the weather has been warm and amazing. I went to Zara the other day and noticed some cropped pants. I finally gave in to trying a pair on because they usually are only $50-$60. What better way to start becoming comfortable with a trend than to embrace it affordably?

Here are my new cropped work pants from Zara that I am obsessed with, both in color, and in fit. (Note: Zara tends to run smaller - or more accurately - than other stores. Keep this in mind when you try pants. I suggest going up a size, especially for work pants so they aren't super tight).

Double Cloth Trousers

I got the double cloth trousers in black and navy. I liked that they did not have the belt loops. I got the black in my normal size, and the navy in a size up. The navy is perfect for work, and once the black streches out slightly, it will be perfect as well.

Trousers with Turn-Up Hem
I loved the color of these pants. The fit, perfect. I sized up in these as well and it was a much more appropriate fit for work.

What are your favorite cropped pants?


Realistically Lovely
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Mar 20, 2012

Products I Love: John Frieda Lightening Spray

There is nothing more uncomfortable than bad roots. When you have them, not only do you feel uncomfortable, so do your friends, and so does that judgy girl walking down the street. I used to highlight my hair partially every three months. Highlighting your hair is not cheap. So every three months I would have to go in to get my hair done just because there was a 1/4 inch of roots showing. Fun times.

Recently, I was reading a magazine when I discovered John Frieda Lightening Spray. I thought, why not try it, what could go wrong? I used this four times in the course of two weeks, and my roots were gone. If I wanted, I could get my hair done maximum twice a year. For myself and my bank account, that is priceless ...well almost.

Disclaimer: Sorry to all brunettes reading this, this will not apply to you directly, but you can pass along this tip to your blonde friends.

John Freida Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray

What are your favorite hair products to use?


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Mar 19, 2012

Cambridge Satchel

As I have mentioned previously in this blog here, neon trends are not only big this season in terms of clothes and jewelry, but in handbags as well. One company and brand that has really picked up on this is Cambridge Satchel. Now, while I think this bag is incredibly cute and trendy, some of us aren't willing to dish out over $100 on a bag this bold in nature. For those who would like to test out this item for a fraction of the cost, I have provided the comparison to the real version, and the almost identical.

You can find this in Old Navy stores

What do you think of this bold accessory? Would you rather buy the original or is this Old Navy look alike good enough?

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Mar 16, 2012

Brands I Love: BaubleBar

BaubleBar was first introduced to me a few months back while scrolling through the pages of InStyle magazine. I saw this trendy, bold necklace that caught my eye and when I looked to see who designed it, I was shocked to find a $36 price tag attached. I had to go to this website right away to find out more information. Not only did I see that necklace, but I found pages of beautiful rings, bracelets, earrings and more. The ladies that started this company are Harvard Business School grads, so they are smart to say the least. Check out this affordable, stylish website and get $10 off your first order by clicking here.

Tribal Mosaic Necklace

Aqua Boho Drops

Rosebud Necklace

Ribbon Stud Earrings

Sea-Foam Cable Necklace
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Mar 15, 2012

What I Bought: Urban Outfitters

On a day when I am actually in the office, during my lunch breaks I like to pop into a shop or two, or three. With so many good stores near my office in midtown, I simply can't help it. The other day was no exception at Urban Outfitters. What I like about Urban is that it provides a mix of classics and trendy items. That being said, it is also reasonably priced. Here is what I bought at Urban Outfitters:

Get this dress in stores or buy it on-line here

This green dress was a combination of everything I love about a cool dress: the stripes, the colors, and the interesteing back. I saw this dress on-line and purchased it the next day. I wore it out for a night on the town and it proved to be a big success.

Get this dress in stores or buy it on-line here

This dress was a gamble when I purchased it. I saw the patterns and the racerback and loved it, but I wasn't 100% sure if I could rock it. I tried it on and instantly was taken to my upcoming trip to Aruba, with a tan, on a beach. Although I still have not worn it, I did see a post of my dress today by one of my favorite shows What Not to Wear (don't worry this is a "what to wear"). I like the suggestion of a jacket over it to make it more appropriate when you're not at a beach with a frozen beverage in hand.

 What items have you recently purchased?
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Mar 14, 2012


The chambray shirt... I have a love and hate relationship with this trend. When someone pulls off a chambray shirt in the right way, there is really nothing better. When someone puts it on like a Canadian tuxedo (no offense), it instantly makes me forget why I ever liked this look. Here are some shirts that do the trick to look good in chambray. Also these looks won't break the bank, which is always a plus.

Selvedge Chambray Shirt J.Crew
Love the color and the look of chambray with white. Classic.

Faded Chambray
The faded chambray paired with the colored denim is a slight spin on this trend.

This is the least expensive option of the three, but personally my favorite.

And for a little something extra...

Scalloped chambray shorts
These shorts are great. I love the scalloped detail in the chambray trend.

What's your favorite way to wear chambray?
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Mar 13, 2012

Weekend Bags

With the warm temperatures outside, I can't help but think about getting away for a weekend, or two. I've always had the dilema of a finding a good weekend bag that's classic, can hold a reasonable amount of items, and one that I won't grow tired of. Here are some weekend bags I think can stand the test of time both in fashion and durability.

Who doesn't love a good monogram? I think this bag will be my new weekend bag for summer escapes.
This bag comes in different sizes and patterns. I prefer the classic black so it can transition between seasons and will never go out of style.

Longchamp Le Pliage Expandable Travel Tote
Now I know it seems as though I am only pointing out black weekend bags, but this one, similiar to LeSportsac, comes in multiple colors. I prefer the dark purple color myself.

What are some of your favorite weekend bags and getaway locations?
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