Mar 15, 2012

What I Bought: Urban Outfitters

On a day when I am actually in the office, during my lunch breaks I like to pop into a shop or two, or three. With so many good stores near my office in midtown, I simply can't help it. The other day was no exception at Urban Outfitters. What I like about Urban is that it provides a mix of classics and trendy items. That being said, it is also reasonably priced. Here is what I bought at Urban Outfitters:

Get this dress in stores or buy it on-line here

This green dress was a combination of everything I love about a cool dress: the stripes, the colors, and the interesteing back. I saw this dress on-line and purchased it the next day. I wore it out for a night on the town and it proved to be a big success.

Get this dress in stores or buy it on-line here

This dress was a gamble when I purchased it. I saw the patterns and the racerback and loved it, but I wasn't 100% sure if I could rock it. I tried it on and instantly was taken to my upcoming trip to Aruba, with a tan, on a beach. Although I still have not worn it, I did see a post of my dress today by one of my favorite shows What Not to Wear (don't worry this is a "what to wear"). I like the suggestion of a jacket over it to make it more appropriate when you're not at a beach with a frozen beverage in hand.

 What items have you recently purchased?
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