Mar 14, 2012


The chambray shirt... I have a love and hate relationship with this trend. When someone pulls off a chambray shirt in the right way, there is really nothing better. When someone puts it on like a Canadian tuxedo (no offense), it instantly makes me forget why I ever liked this look. Here are some shirts that do the trick to look good in chambray. Also these looks won't break the bank, which is always a plus.

Selvedge Chambray Shirt J.Crew
Love the color and the look of chambray with white. Classic.

Faded Chambray
The faded chambray paired with the colored denim is a slight spin on this trend.

This is the least expensive option of the three, but personally my favorite.

And for a little something extra...

Scalloped chambray shorts
These shorts are great. I love the scalloped detail in the chambray trend.

What's your favorite way to wear chambray?
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  1. Those scalloped shorts are awesome! REally need to jump on this trend. Thanks for visiting my blog!