Mar 21, 2012

Workday Wednesday: Cropped Work Pants

I could go on for days about cropped work pants. And for those of you not in the corporate world, these pants are still a way to look put together instantly. When I first started working right out of college about two years ago, I had bought some of the J.Crew Minnie pants, but I wasn't completely sold on this trend yet. I had just started to embrace the leggings and skinny jeans. It was too soon for the crops. I started to pair these Minnie pants with boots so they felt like any old pair of leggings, just better material and slightly more formal if you will. After a year or so of doing this, I finally paired them with flats. I know, shocking.

Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE these, just more for play and less for work day.

Fast forward to six months ago, I was with my mom shopping at home and I finally bought my first official work, appropriately fitting, cropped pants. I was sold. Since that time, it has been colder out so the need for these cropped pants has not come up... until recently, when the weather has been warm and amazing. I went to Zara the other day and noticed some cropped pants. I finally gave in to trying a pair on because they usually are only $50-$60. What better way to start becoming comfortable with a trend than to embrace it affordably?

Here are my new cropped work pants from Zara that I am obsessed with, both in color, and in fit. (Note: Zara tends to run smaller - or more accurately - than other stores. Keep this in mind when you try pants. I suggest going up a size, especially for work pants so they aren't super tight).

Double Cloth Trousers

I got the double cloth trousers in black and navy. I liked that they did not have the belt loops. I got the black in my normal size, and the navy in a size up. The navy is perfect for work, and once the black streches out slightly, it will be perfect as well.

Trousers with Turn-Up Hem
I loved the color of these pants. The fit, perfect. I sized up in these as well and it was a much more appropriate fit for work.

What are your favorite cropped pants?


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  1. I also love the cropped work pants from the Gap! Great price and they fit so well!! I am thinking of purchasing a purple color soon for spring/summer!