Apr 11, 2012

Workday Wednesday: Glasses

Yep I said it, glasses, and as a trend - shocking. Lately I have been putting off the fact that I actually need glasses. Starring at a computer screen for two years straight will do that to you. My friend mentioned a brand called Warby Parker that allows you to try on 5 sets of glasses at home, then return them. She was ordering 3 pairs for herself, and kindly asked what I would want to try on as my 2. I tried on a pair and rocked them around for a day, and finally got my mind set that it was okay at 24 years old to wear glasses. I therefore got the guts to go to an eye doctor to get checked out, and what do you know, I actually needed glasses. So we can thank my friend, and Warby Parker, for finally allowing me to admit to myself that, that little blurry feeling I was finding, was a reality. Below you will find the glasses I actually loved, but there are many other options. Best part, they are only $95. I would encourage you to explore and if you have never had your eyes checked, you really should!

Visit the site here

Warby Parker: Beckett Striped Chestnut
These are the glasses I picked.

Do you wear glasses to work? What are your favorite frames?


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