Sep 17, 2013

My Home Office

I know I teased you guys a few weeks back via instagram with a snapshot of my home office, but I wanted to wait until I had my brand new camera to take some nice snapshots of my work in progress. I think that it is important to have an area of inspiration and motivation, which is why I decided to re-arrange my room and put a desk in!

Decorating it was the fun part. With my new laptop, decor from Design Darling, Dipytique, and more, I put together this inspiration. I still have a bit of work left, but I wanted to share this with you all. Below you will see where I feel motivated whilst at home. Hope that you enjoy!

PS - Do you have a home office/desk space? What do you use to decorate it? Please feel free to leave any tips or suggestions for my office space!


Lindsey Pin It


  1. This is such a cute little home office! My desk is pretty plain, but I would definitely dress a desk up with some pictures and cute accessories (Anthropologie has a great collection!) :)


  2. What a nice little space! I love the Hustle typography! I would have to make the office inviting and warm or else I'd never want to sit there.

  3. Looks so great Lindsey!!!! I have been waiting for this you little tease you!

  4. I love how organized your office is and the decor is great!


  5. Where did your desk come from? I love it as well as those cute FYI cards I see!

    1. I got it at the Container Store for 25% off! The sale is still going on now. Here is the link:

  6. Oh this is too gorg! I want my desk to look just like this! Haha, you've got a great eye for style! And thanks for commenting on my blog, you have no idea how much I appreciate it:)


  7. This is a cute office space. It's simple, but the comfortable appeal that an office space should have is there. I hope this can still be of help, but installing cabinets or storage bins will be a great addition to your space, and to make clutter less of a problem in affecting your mood while working. | Clayton @ |