Apr 18, 2012

Workday Wednesday: Office Jewelry

Work outfits can be boring. Even if you have that fun blouse or two, they get old, especially when its your uniform 5 days a week. The one thing that you can rely on the spice up an outfit is good jewelry. Now, each office environment is different. Some offices you can get away with wearing the boldest statement necklace, while in other offices a single stranded pearl necklace is the only thing acceptable. There can, however, be a happy medium. Below I have selected some options I think really go in any office place if you wear them the right way. They make it known that you have a sense of style, while still maintaining your professionalism.

BaubleBar Coco Pearl Strands

Loving this right now.Timeless.

Melanie Auld Designs

Michael Kors Runway Watch

What are your favorites pieces to wear to work?


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