May 2, 2012

Workday Wednesday: Fashionably Organized

There is no better feeling than being organized and staying on top of things. I am a big fan of to do lists and I love when I can check those few items off. It brings a sense of accomplishment, even if I did just pick up dry cleaning. I used to just write things down on a piece of paper and throw it away, but times have changed. A few months ago I invested in a small Moleskine that I carry around with me daily to keep track of my personal and work to do lists. It is so convenient when an idea or thought pops into your head just to write it down. So today's post is on fashionable organization items. The main item is that cute to do booklet I started of with, but upon searching the web, I have fallen in love with many items to keep you organized and on top of your game in a realistically lovely way (yes that just happened). Hope you enjoy.
Graphic Image Calendar (On Sale!)
Moleskine Classic Notebook

Kate Spade File Folders

Kate Spade Notepads

How do you stay organized? Comment below!


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