Jun 14, 2012

Best Weekend Bag

Hello Everyone! So I am being a bit selfish in this post - I am asking for YOUR advice. I need desperately to purchase a weekend bag for all my summer travels. I have seen a few bags I like but I cannot make the plunge. I even have had two posts previously talking about weekend bags I love. Therefore, from the choices below (or your own selections), what would YOU choose for your weekend bag for this summer?

Pottery Barn

London Fog

Pottery Barn

Which would you choose? Let me know in the comments section below (feel free to include bags not seen above).


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  1. j.crew bag is the cutest imo

  2. Since I think you are wanting functionality I say the Pottery Barn bag because those front pockets are going to be great for storing cosmetics or suncare items. If you don't need functionality, go for the J Crew bag! Either way they are wins.


  3. I like the J. Crew bag the most! Good luck in your decision!