Jun 13, 2012

Perfect Summer Swimsuits

Sorry its been a while guys! I have been traveling for work like crazy and have barely had any time to myself. While I say that, last weekend I did get to attend a pool party and it got me thinking. I had recently purchased a new bathing suit and liked it, but I wasn't as wow'd by the other suits I saw. Was it the fit? Was it the color? Was it the overall look? Sometimes I think that people forget to really buy a bathing suit that flatters both in color and in fit. Below you will find some suits I found that are not only affordable, but that do wonders for the body. Hope you enjoy!

Victoria Secret
These bikini bottoms are magic.
Loving the lift and cool pattern in the design of the top.

Victoria Secret
Usually strapless tops do not flatter. This stays on and gives you the perfect structure up top.
Mara Hoffman

What bathing suits are you looking to purchase/or have already purchased for this summer? Let me know in the comments section below!


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