Jun 21, 2012

What I Bought: J.Crew Sample Sale

As promised, below you will find the items that I purchased at the J.Crew sample sale. Before we look at the items, let me give you a window into the overall experience. When I got there I waited in line for an hour (the longest I've ever waited out of three I've gone to). When I got in, it was out of control. The three secrets to a sample sale sucess begins with grabbing something you like and decide later. Secondly, follow the employees when they return items to the racks after individuals did not want them. Lastly, when people ditch things last minute, take them and add this to your to be decided pile.

I came out with items shown below (plus one more navy pencil skirt not shown) for myself, as well as a button up and polo for my boyfriend. All items totally $200. You can't beat that.

Have you had any sample sales luck lately? Let me know in the comments section below!


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  2. Just came across your blog - very cute! I think my favorite item you found is the plaid shirt, I would probably wear it with blue jean shorts for the weekend. Can't believe it, but I've never been to a Sample Sale sounds like it would be something along the lines of shopping on Black Friday, INSANITY!


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