Aug 27, 2013

Details for the Home

Sometimes we find an image that inspires us to decorate, to re-do a living space, or to simply improve upon what we already have. Recently on Pinterest I have found so many amazing details, that I have fallen in love with the idea decorating my apartment again. I have lived there for over two years now, and while I just rearranged and put an office space in my room {preview found on Instagram and Facebook}, I want to add details to my apartment that make it more me. Below are some items I am currently craving that are affordable. 

For the Home

Which items above are YOUR favorite? Do you have any items you are craving lately? Let me know in the comments section below!



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  1. Oh this is awesome! Thanks for all the tips - I'm decorating my new apartment soon so I can use all the help I can get!

    <3, Charlotte

  2. I love that little gold elephant!!! I've featured him a few times in some posts, and I'm dying to pick one up but I don't know where he'll go yet.

    Blonde in this City