Aug 20, 2013

What to Watch For NYC: I Know the Chef


Last night I had the pleasure of attending an exclusive, exciting event at the Greenwich Project for I Know the Chef. Upon arrival, my friend Caroline and I were warmly greeted by Joshua, the founder of I Know the Chef, and handed two delicious cocktails. The party guests at this event, along with energy of the restaurant, made you realize how lucky you are to have Monday nights like this!--only in NYC. Not only were there free drinks, but the free appetizers passed around were absolutely delicious (watermelon goat cheese anyone?).

Now you might be asking, what is I Know the Chef? This company founded a few months ago, allows you to make reservations on-line or on your phone to get into the top restaurants and bars in NYC. Trying to make dinner reservations at a trendy restaurant and there are none available? They have you covered. Last minute bottle service at the best clubs in the city? You got it. Oh and did I mention the best perk of all? You will be treated as though you know the chef at any of these places. Talk about impressive.

Check out some photos from the event below. We had a blast. Thank you to everyone who helped with the event. Don't forget to check out I Know the Chef!

Best Margarita Ever

Nice bar area, loved the ambience

My friend Caroline and I with founder Joshua Stern


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  1. This is so cool!!! And that restaurant looks absolutely darling.

  2. Never heard of I know the chef but I'm excited to check it out. That margarita looks delish btw!