Aug 2, 2013

Affordable Weekend Bags

A lovely followers, Marni, asked me to help her out with finding an affordable weekend bag for under $100. I know the feeling of wanting a super cute bag that is durable and cute for a weekend trip but doesn't break the bank. We can all lust over Frank Clegg's amazing leather weekender's but lets be honest, many of us can't afford that price tag. Here are some options for weekend bags that are around $100! If you know of any great bags feel free to suggest them in the comments section below!
Le Sportsac
(Click on the link for this bag in different colors on SALE at Bloomingdale's for under $100)
Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn

 Deux Lux

Don't forget to check out my previous post on weekender bags here! Have a great weekend everyone.



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